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At TNKgreen Lifestyle we strive to provide our clients with quality, handmade, sustainable products and accessories for the indoor plant enthusiast’s home, or office.

All our décor items are handmade and hand-printed on hemp fabric. We strive to limit waste and offcuts by approaching patternmaking such as origami.

We go out of our way to find unique pots and art from local artists and to showcase their wares to a wider audience.

All our products are packed in 100% recyclable or biodegradable material.


Our plant furniture is made from pine and finished with teak oil. All our furniture items are simple in design so as not to distract attention from the beauty of the plants on display.

Currently, only offering delivery of assembled pieces for local distribution, we also offer self-assembly options for those further afield. Requests for custom builds are also welcome, so contact us if you have something more specific in mind.




Wild-cut timber is destructive and accelerates deforestation. We looked around for responsible foresting options, but without a clear origin of most African or Asian hardwoods, we rather opted to use pine that has been responsibly cultivated in South Africa for years and, therefore, has a smaller carbon footprint. We continue to find more interesting options for our consumers and once we can verify and source other sustainable timber, we will notify all our followers.


Our handmade décor items are all designed to provide our clients with a simple, practical style. Our scatter cushions bring the abstract textures of nature into your living room while our bags are all designed to be durable and even biodegradable.

We strive to provide quality items for the environment-conscious consumer. All our items are made with sustainably-grown hemp canvas.



Fast-growing, pest resistant, and waterwise hemp can produce a high yield of versatile fibres that can also be used to make sustainable materials, from biodegradable plastics to building materials.

It can also combat climate change: the hemp plant is ideal for nourishing nutrient-depleted soil and reversing the effects of erosion, making it ideal for crop rotation.



The range of stoneware planters created by artist Hernes Kruger was inspired by the strong geometry of crystals (the molecular bonds) found in nature. These slip-cast containers are all hand cast and finished. With their unglazed matt finish, these vessels work well for a wide selection of small to medium size indoor plants. Treat them like you would any terracotta pots.


Hernes Kruger

Inspired by scenes of exceptional natural beauty, Hernes’ mission as an artist is to bring tranquillity into a chaotic and fast-paced world. Celebrating nature, he strives to reconnect the viewer with the environment by highlighting small details that we can experience in nature.


If you’re an artist, our vision resonates with you, and you want to collaborate or sell your art in our store please contact us.

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