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COP28: The Highs, the lows and the scary

COP28: The Highs, the lows and the scary   As you might know, COP28 is currently underway in Dubai in The United Arab Emirates. COP is an international climate meeting held each year by the United Nations to agree on voluntary actions to prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system. From the very beginning, … Continue Reading

Regenerative Architecture: A way towards true sustainability

Regenerative Architecture: A way towards true sustainability The world of construction has long been at odds with the environment. Traditional construction practices have often prioritized short-term gains and convenience over the long-term health of our planet. The consequences of this approach are now glaringly evident in the form of climate change, resource depletion, and ecosystem … Continue Reading

Why you should get rid of your lawn

Modern-day suburbia is dominated by one garden feature: the well-manicured lawn. It has become so synonymous with suburban living that those of us, who dare to let our properties grow wild, are sometimes judged severely by our neighbours. It is rare to find a garden without some kind of lawn. I understand why it is … Continue Reading

Architecture and memory

Have you ever arrived or entered a building you had never visited, and it somehow felt familiar? Or revisited a childhood holiday destination and were somehow taken back to your youth? Almost like a memory triggered by a smell or Deja Vu, this undefined phenomenon could profoundly impact how we experience and live in our … Continue Reading

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