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Fighting climate-despair with Hope

Fighting climate-despair with Hope Introduction: Climate despair, also called Ecological grief is defined as “the grief reaction stemming from the environmental loss of ecosystems by natural and man-made events.”[4] Another definition is “the grief felt in relation to experienced or anticipated ecological losses, including the loss of species, ecosystems, and meaningful landscapes due to acute or chronic environmental change. … Continue Reading

Floating Cities: The future or just a passing fad

Floating Cities: The future or just a passing fad Throughout history, humanity’s most iconic cities have been situated along coastlines and waterways. From Venice’s winding canals to New York’s bustling harbors, these cities have thrived near the water. However, in an era of unprecedented environmental challenges, the rising sea levels and coastal erosion now pose … Continue Reading

Regenerative Architecture: A way towards true sustainability

Regenerative Architecture: A way towards true sustainability The world of construction has long been at odds with the environment. Traditional construction practices have often prioritized short-term gains and convenience over the long-term health of our planet. The consequences of this approach are now glaringly evident in the form of climate change, resource depletion, and ecosystem … Continue Reading

Building a Cob and Lime Pizza Oven and what we learned in the Process

What is Cob? Cob is an ancient building material that has been used for centuries worldwide. It is a natural and sustainable material made by mixing earth, sand, straw, and water. Cob has many advantages over other building materials; It is cheaper, more eco-friendly, and has excellent insulation properties. This blog post will discuss how … Continue Reading

Architecture and memory

Have you ever arrived or entered a building you had never visited, and it somehow felt familiar? Or revisited a childhood holiday destination and were somehow taken back to your youth? Almost like a memory triggered by a smell or Deja Vu, this undefined phenomenon could profoundly impact how we experience and live in our … Continue Reading

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