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How Urban Farming Can Transform Our Cities: From Necessity to Sustainability

How Urban Farming Can Transform Our Cities: From Necessity to Sustainability Introduction: Urban farming, a concept deeply embedded in the annals of history, experienced a profound resurgence during the Second World War in the United Kingdom. As food shortages gripped the nation, citizens turned to innovative solutions, converting urban spaces into productive plots to supplement … Continue Reading

How to care for Hoya in the home

How to care for Hoya in the home Hoya, also known as the wax plant or porcelain flower, is a climbing evergreen tropical perennial plant in the Apocynaceae family, with over 5,000 accepted species. They are mostly found in Asia and Australia, growing in warm, humid jungles where they thrive in the underbrush of the … Continue Reading

6 Ways to Make a city more Environmentally Friendly

The world is changing. Year after year, new record-breaking temperatures are recorded from Europe to Beijing. Storm surges and hurricanes batter coastal towns, and it is becoming clear that cities need to change and adapt to combat the worst effects of climate change. From battling the urban heat island effect to tackling environmental destruction and … Continue Reading

Why you should get rid of your lawn

Modern-day suburbia is dominated by one garden feature: the well-manicured lawn. It has become so synonymous with suburban living that those of us, who dare to let our properties grow wild, are sometimes judged severely by our neighbours. It is rare to find a garden without some kind of lawn. I understand why it is … Continue Reading

Can Urban Farming help solve global food security?

Since the pandemic started in 2020, we have noticed food shortages once distribution networks became interrupted. We saw food spoiling on docks while people in large cities across the globe struggled to find necessities. The UN still predicts that by 2050 almost 68% of the world population will live in high density urban and suburban areas. Decentralising food production with the … Continue Reading

Tips for promoting Biodiversity in your Garden

For those of you who might not already know Biodiversity refer to the diversity of species both Fauna and Flora found within any giver ecosystem. We are facing a global housing shortage crisis and with the ever-increasing global population, the problem is not going away. The result of solving the housing problem are widespread urban … Continue Reading

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