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Why Think Green?

What a loaded question. If you ask this to most people in the street they wouldn’t care one way or another. So why is it important for the common man on the street to care about being ‘green’?

After years of green-washing being used by the media and advertisement industry, most people have become disillusioned with the entire idea of sustainability. Evident by the amount of distrust in science in the past couple of years the new question is how to prove to these people why our actions and choices matter.

As consumers, we are subjugated to the whims of large corporate companies whose baseline is profit. Profiting of the desire they create for their product. In principle, there is nothing wrong with this but when it comes to packaging we often don’t have a choice.

With plastic in wide use and the amount of non-recyclable plastic used in most products even if you wanted to responsibly dispose of it most of it simply can’t.  Plastic production set to skyrocket even more in the coming years it’s becoming apparent that we need to rethink single-use plastic and demand change from the brands we choose to support.

The planet resources are not infinite and resource management makes economic sense in the long run. Those who crack the code of recycling will have the opportunity of a lifetime. Making actual money from trash by providing a usable raw product for new producers to use could be the holy grail.

To truly encourage a circular economy our production strategy needs to support this idea. As a consumer, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that a company would consider the lifespan of their products and design them to be fully recyclable. This is why all our products are packaged in 100% recyclable material with as little plastic as possible.

Can we get there in the next fifty years? I’m an optimist so ill say yes. But it is going to take hard work to get there. Because no single solution will do it will take a concerted effort from big corporations redesigning their products to the consumer making more informed decisions.  I believe that given the right information most people will make the responsible choice.

So why go green? Because it makes more financial sense because if we make responsible choices we can leave a better world for our grandchildren and profit along the way.

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